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We offer services for every stage of your pregnancy, from care before conception through postpartum support. Our doulas are trained in natural birth techniques, as well as modern medical practices; they will provide emotional reassurance and comfort during labor, and information about what’s happening during labor and the postpartum period.

Above & Beyond

Pregnancy and postpartum care that’s a cut above the rest.

If there’s anything else we can do to make this time easier for you, let us know!

Primary Services

Sure, our services are great for expectant parents who just want help getting through their labor—but they’re also perfect for new families who need guidance as they navigate life with a newborn. No matter where you are in your pregnancy journey, we have something for everyone!

Labor & Delivery Care

Our Labor & Delivery Care includes but is not limited to services such as comfort measures, education, physical comfort, emotional comfort, family support, reassurance, support, and empowerment for you through active labor and delivery, support in the birth YOU want, sibling support.

Postpartum Care

Our Postpartum Care includes but is not limited to meal prep, infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery assistance, infant care, sleep guidance, family bonding, light housekeeping, sibling care (human or fur), breastfeeding guidance.


Nannying with Cloud 9 Doulas includes but is not limited to meal prep, educational play, caretaking duties, light housekeeping, support with potty training, transportation, laundry, straightening and organizing play areas and toys.

Daytime & Overnight Care

Our Daytime & Overnight Care includes but is not limited to infant care, breastfeeding support, formula support, comfort, sleep guidance, meal prep, infant care, light housekeeping, feeding, family support.

Other Services

As part of our philosophy of total care, we also are proud to offer postpartum belly binding.

Bengkung Belly Binding is an ancient art of wrapping the abdomen shortly after giving birth and into the postpartum period. The support of the wrap gives the healing belly extra support and stability as the uterus begins to shrink and the stomach organs begin to move back to normal positions. Additionally, the wrap helps keep the torso and the rest of the body secure and in balance. Belly binding can be a great helper when breastfeeding, as it supports the rib cage and middle back as well.

Even pressure is applied throughout the wrap as it goes around the entire abdominal cavity and in return supports the back and posture.  Each session involves a warm belly rub with therapeutic herbs to aid in the healing process as well as self-instruction for further wrapping.

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